Premium Wedding Umbrellas

The 50 Inch Umbrella


The 50 inch umbrella is the perfect size. You can easily fit two people underneath or have enough coverage for one big dress - it's the perfect size for your wedding.

Inspected and Ready


We inspect all our umbrellas before we put them up for sale, ensuring that on your big day the umbrellas look spectacular. 

Satisfaction Guarantee


Not happy with an umbrella? No problem. Our team will work with you to find a replacement with same day service.

Quality Materials


Quality is the cornerstone of Fulton's success and they use only the highest specification materials before beautifully hand finishing every product.

Sturdy Design


When it comes to umbrellas Fulton strives to push the boundaries of development in dealing with the inclement British (and in this case, Canadian!) weather.

About Fulton


Fulton Umbrellas is the largest supplier of quality umbrellas and rainwear in the United Kingdom today (and they get a lot of rain!) Their umbrellas are fashionable & beautiful